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Description:   A collection of XML related utilities for FGDC Metadata. The utilities may include XML Schemas, XML DTDs, XSLT or other XML related technology.

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Linux Universal Remote XML Configuration A set of mod_perl pages, perl scripts, XML schemas and XML documents to capture a Linux box's configuration settings and use XSLT translations to find system-wide configuration problems and recommend (and execute) fixes.

Light Xml Parser A small, efficient and "easy to use" library to manipulate XML in .Net 2.0 without the support of Style Sheets, scripts or other "WWW-based" XML document requirements.

Literate Programming XML Tools Provide tools to support Donald Knuth's Literate Programming using XML instead of TeX. Is not based on any specific DTD or programming language, but instead uses processing instructions for processing the literate programs.

MUSE XML Export MUSE(R) XML Export is a simple utility that extracts the ECG rhythm from an XML file that was exported from the MUSE(R) Cardiology Information System and writes the ECG to a '.CSV' file. MUSE is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare. Convert MUSE XML files ...

KitXml, XML for TCL TK easy xml (or html) files generator for tcl / tk, using a widget natural syntax and based on libxml.

LUTECE This project provides a Portal engine based on shared XML resources (stored in databases, in native XML format, retreived by Web Services, or syndicated by RSS).It includes also some basic portal tools (chat, site map, newsletter, search [using Lucene]

Mimic - JavaScript XML-RPC Client Mimic is a JavaScript implementation of client-side XML-RPC protocol, compliant with IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. Mimic is able to produce XML-RPC requests and process XML-RPC responses, allowing the creation of WebService clients.

Minimal xml Minimal XML very small and efficient lib is a library to handle XML documents storing them in a DOM-like tree, witten for C and C++. The library allows to load or write documents from files or memory, and provides callbacks for read and write progress.

MonoDevelop XML Editor MonoDevelop XML Editor. An XML Editor add-in for MonoDevelop that provides element, attribute, attribute value and namespace completion based on an XML schema.

Moodle Xml Toolkit Microsoft Office 2010 addon that alowing you to convert glossary from regular doc and docx text to moodle xml.DtD°D?N?N‚N€DlDaDsD° Microsoft Office 2010, DsDlN‚DlN€DlDµ DzDlD·D?DlD»NZDµN‚ DsDlD?D?DµN€N‚D?N€DlD?D°N‚NS DlD»DlN?N?D°N€D?Da D?D· DlD±N‹N‡D?DlDlDl doc-D?DlDsN?DLDµD?N‚D° D? N„DlN€DLD°N‚ moodle xml.

FFprobe FFprobe is a simple multimedia streams analyzer with a command-line interface based on the FFmpeg project libraries.IMPORTANT NOTE: this variant of ffprobe is unmaintained, rely on the ffprobe tool integrated in the current FFmpeg instead, which you can get at the link: http://www.ffmpeg.org

FHAP FHAP is a web front-end to the nmap port scanner. It makes use of Perl and a PostgreSQL database to identify system/port trends on a network.

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